Ceramic Coating Orlando


Residential and Commercial

Here at Window Tint Z, we do the best ceramic coating Orlando has to offer! We don’t just do cars, but we do ceramic coating for residential and commercial properties as well. Keep your home and office in great condition with Ceramic Pro coating on your appliances, counter tops, tables, showers, fixtures, glass, and so much more! Ceramic Pro’s self-cleaning properties create a non-stick surface that repels scale buildup, dirt, oil and stains. By adding a ceramic sealant to protect your home or office, you’ll be sure to keep them looking new while keeping house cleaning and maintenance in your home to a minimum. Ceramic Pro 9H is a 100% green and safe permanent nano-ceramic coating that features a high gloss finish, unmatched non-stick effect, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, thermal protection and anti-graffiti properties.

Cleaning is done in a snap with water and mild detergent. No more scrubbing appliances, granite, marble countertops, tubs, showers, shower glass, sinks, or indoor and outdoor furniture. If you’ve been searching for a trusted shop to apply Ceramic Pro Coating to your home or office, then look no further. Come see our team at Window Tint Z and let us take care of all residential and commercial ceramic coating Orlando needs.

Included in Package

  • Free Quote
  • Clean and Prep Surface
  • Ceramic Pro Coating to Select Surfaces
ceramic coating orlando
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