Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Package


Wheels Off Ceramic Pro Coating

If you enjoy off-roading and outdoor activities, the Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper package is perfect for you, especially if you’ve been looking for Ceramic Pro Doctor Phillips. Window Tint Z is the spot for you! Your wheels and calipers can often be the dirtiest part of your vehicle because of brake dust, dirt and grime attaching to this area of your vehicle. It’s also a region of your vehicle that’s often overlooked, but it is definitely important to keep them in good condition in order to maintain the value of your car. You’re in luck, because Ceramic Pro has made a product specifically designed to protect your wheels and calipers. Our Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper package will coat your wheels and calipers providing it with durable protection and giving it a smooth slick finish so that dirt, grime, and brake dust will slide right off. This will make washing your wheels a breeze. After receiving this package, you can enjoy off-roading knowing that your wheels will be easy to clean because of the best car coating protection. 

Included in Package

  • Removal of all four wheels
  • Steam cleaning of wheels and calipers inside and out
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper applied on all exterior wheel surfaces
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper applied to calipers
ceramic pro doctor phillips
The best way to protect your investment!